Executive Transition Coaching

Executive Transition Coaching is essential to successful executive transition

There’s a 50% chance a new executive will fail or leave the organization within their first 18 months.1 

The cause of most transition failures is not poor selection or gaps in competence, but rather what happens during transition.

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Executive transition coaching supports the process of executive transition into and performance in an executive’s new role by preventing and addressing important issues common to most new or transitioning executives.

The result of executive transition coaching is quicker and more effective transition into a new role, culture, and/or team and is the simplest and most cost-effective strategy to optimize the success and prevent failure of executive new hires or internal promotions. 

1HBR The Biggest Mistakes New Executives Make by Sabina Nawaz May 15, 2017.

Executive transition coaching

To ensure executive transitions are successful, avoid missteps, and don’t end in failure, organizations provide transitioning executives an executive transition coach as part of onboarding to a new role.

Executive transition coaching involves working with leaders to:

  • accelerate the value the executive brings to the new role, team, and culture  
  • improve the effectiveness of the executive in the new role
  • assess and learn the culture and norms of the organization and teams they are on and lead
  • integrate into the culture and teams and build relationships with key stakeholders
  • create a plan of action to achieve positive, visible impact

Executive transition coaches act as a trusted advisor and sounding board in the critical early days of a new executive’s role which are cited as the most challenging of an executive’s career.

Avenue Leadership’s Executive Transition Coaching Program

  • Increases the speed of onboarding. Decreases the time to integration and execution
  • Reduces executive missteps or mistakes that lead to slow or failed transitions
  • Creates a transition that is smooth for the executive and leads to executive and team engagement
  • Maximizes transition results with minimum time required of the executive, HR, and organization
  • Enhances company’s existing transition program to maximize integration
  • Combines onboarding, assimilation, integration, coaching, feedback and team development into one cohesive program
  • Efficient, simple, and cost effective
  • Sponsor (hiring manager) and stakeholder engagement, expectation setting, and feedback
  • Executive coaching focused on adapting style to the context/culture/role’s needs
  • Technology enabled program delivering onboarding process, tools, and videos to the executive’s email
  • Pre “day 1” sources of success and avoiding transition pitfalls
  • Understanding expectations and navigating culture
  • Identifying, building, and evaluating stakeholder relationships
  • Shaping a vision and plans for the new role/team/organization
  • Direct report team assimilation, assessment, alignment, and development
  • Change management and vision communication principles
  • Hiring manager, board member, or HR leader who is hiring or promoting an executive
  • Transitioning executive who has been asked to come up with their onboarding and transition plan
  • Create a comprehensive onboarding plan to increase the speed, efficiency, and success of a new or transitioning executive
Executive Onboarding Program Timeline and Steps

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