Leadership Development Coaching

Coaching provided by an external coach is the most desired learning modality by leaders 1

This is because nothing helps leaders develop faster and has as many benefits to the leader’s team and the organization as leadership development coaching 

1 Global Leadership Forecast 2021 DDI

Coaching is a one on one approach to leadership development, most effective in creating lasting results.

The role of our coaches is to assist each leader in determining a priority list of development areas and a pathway to learning, closing the gap between current and desired behavior and outcomes.

At Avenue Leadership we use an extensive tool kit that includes assessments, interviews, reflection practice, and dialogue to help the leader address their growth areas through implementing action plans. 

We provide professional coaching services resulting in mindset and behavioral change to further enhance the leadership and interpersonal skills of the participant

Our process

  1. Kick-off meeting
  2. Self-assessment or 360 assessment
  3. Goal setting
  4. 6, 9, 12 month coaching engagement
  5. Monthly action plans
  6. Final progress report and remeasure

Our coaching process is built to help leaders focus on the future and foster leadership performance through:

  • clarification of development areas, goals, and outcomes.
  • a coach-led process that discovers solutions and insights
  • facilitated leader action planning, decision making, and reflection

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