Team Coaching

Team coaching applies leader coaching principles in a team setting

Team coaching is a process of team assessment and facilitated dialogue to uncover team improvement areas then design action plans carried out by the team to address improvement areas. 

Team coaching can help teams who are healthy and high performing ensure they remain so.

And, can reverse dysfunction, disengagement, turnover, burnout, customer dissatisfaction, or knowledge and skill gaps.

What is commonly addressed through team coaching?

  • Executive team building
  • Team culture change
  • Team values
  • Team purpose/mission, vision, direction
  • Mediation of strained relationships
  • Communication practices
  • Change management
  • Accountability and goal setting
  • Meeting effectiveness
  • Team behavioral norms/expectations
  • Trust
  • Team results
  • Giving and receiving feedback

We also serve non-profit teams with:

  • Board team development
  • Board and staff team building
  • Mediation of strained relationships

Types of teams we serve:

Pictured is a teamwork logo.
Single Leader

Tools and assessments we use in team coaching:

Avenue Leadership Consulting specializes is making team building improvements last instead of like one off events that don’t get revisited. Learn more by contacting us today.

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