Uncertain times open the door for opportunity. We always have the opportunity to reset, to reflect, to reconnect, and to plan to be the leader we want to be, whatever new realities come our way. 

The resilient leaders we coach and observe have mindsets that set them apart as trusted leaders and allow them to weather storms and uncertainty. Here are just some of the beliefs and attitudes of those leaders.

·  As a leader, others are looking to me for guidance; my mindset and actions matter and are intentional

·  Caring for myself is my foundation and enables me to care for others 

·  Now is more important than yesterday or tomorrow, because we only have power over this moment

·  As a team, we acknowledge our anxiety, yet it is within us to be intentional and calm

·  I/we chose optimism over negativity

·  Emotions change and evolve – it is possible to be present with our emotions without having to react to them

·  In turmoil, our team’s best practice is to pause, reflect, and plan, before taking action

·  Everything eventually changes to something new; we can positively influence what comes next, no matter how challenging

·  Joy exists in difficult situations; we will work to find the joy in this moment

·  When in doubt, we default to kindness; to ourselves and each other

As coaches, we are here to help you navigate a rapidly changing work environment and are here to help you, your team, and your organization create a culture that thrives, even in uncertain times. 

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