If you are like many leaders right now, you have too much on your plate and are overwhelmed.  Everything seems like a priority and it’s hard to find time to be strategic.  Delegation to others may be a tool that gives you the strategic time you need. 

Leaders hesitate to delegate because of a fear of passing overwhelm to others or that the task/project won’t be completed as effectively as if you did it yourself. However, in many situations there are more upsides to delegation if done thoughtfully – developing others, creating greater engagement and retention, and providing organizational exposure. With planning and clear communication, delegation can yield all the benefits, while minimizing the drawbacks.  

Download this delegation tool which helps leaders plan and communicate to ensure nothing is missed during the delegation conversation.

For other tactics to reverse leader overwhelm enroll in:

Overcoming Leadership Overwhelm: Time, priority, and energy management.

This course is for leaders at all levels who want to make changes in how they manage their energy, time, and priorities.

·  This program is not focused on teaching you a lot of new theories about time and priority management.  Instead, it will help you implement the most important vetted practices to prevent burnout including time in each session for planning, practice, and accountability (reporting back to the group on what you are implementing).

·  8 one-hour weekly live virtual Zoom sessions with only 10 people per class

·  Focused on implementing practices and adapting them to your reality while learning successful techniques from peers.

Program Takeaways:

·  Prevent burnout and devote more quality time to your family, health, and what’s important to you

·  Rank order priorities to structure your day and manage your time 

·  Manage your commitments and triage your to do list

·  Implement communication protocols to combat 24/7 connection

·  Construct a self-care structure and manage your energy

·  Increase your bandwidth by reducing multitasking and implementing automation

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