Being a leader in our current times means facing change daily, being constantly connected to technology, in meetings most of the day, with too much on your plate, working too many hours, while feeling like you aren’t doing enough which can cause anxiety and stress with impact to your health and family.  This is leader overwhelm and if not managed, will lead to burnout.

Take this self-assessmentto see if you are actively preventing overwhelm or if you are in overwhelm, potentially at risk for burnout.

Enroll in Overcoming Leadership Overwhelm: Time, priority, and energy management

This course is for leaders at all levels who want to make changes in how they manage their energy, time, and priorities.

·  8 one-hour weekly live virtual Zoom sessions with only 10 people per class

·  Focused on implementing practices and adapting them to your reality while learning successful techniques from peers

·  This program is not focused on teaching you a lot of new theories about time and priority management.  Instead, it will help you implement the most important vetted practices to prevent burnout including time in each session for planning, practice, and accountability (reporting back to the group on what you are implementing).

Program Takeaways:

·  Prevent burnout and devote more quality time to your family, health, and what’s important to you

·  Rank order priorities to structure your day and manage your time 

·  Manage your commitments and triage your to do list

·  Implement communication protocols to combat 24/7 connection

·  Construct a self-care structure and manage your energy

·  Increase your bandwidth by reducing multitasking and implementing automation

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