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Women's leadership coach Anna Luedecking, Ph.D. and Heather Hilgart

At Avenue Leadership Consulting we are women’s leadership coaches. We specialize in coaching women in leadership.  Although every woman is unique, through our 35 years of experience working with women leaders, we understand the particular strengths women bring to their roles and the unique challenges women face.

We have successfully coached hundreds of women in leadership grow their influence, careers, and leadership abilities.  The women we’ve coached have successfully led complex change, obtained the resources they needed, been promoted, improved their emotional intelligence, improved their communication, improved their team’s engagement, improved their authenticity, overcome overwhelm, achieved work life balance, and landed their dream roles. Learn more about us.

We know the workforce is exponentially better with women at the table.  We also know women are exiting the workforce at high rates in 2021 due the strain the pandemic has caused women in particular.  Our passion is supporting women to stay in the workforce, and specifically in leadership positions, while advancing their careers.

Coaching for women in leadership

Our approach to coaching women in leadership is largely the same as our approach to coaching anyone.  However, our experience working with women and understanding the challenges women face is what makes our coaching relationships effective and meaningful.  As women leaders ourselves, we have experience leading a variety of challenging roles, and therefore we have deep empathy and appreciation for the trials and opportunities women face.

Women’s leadership coaching process

Woman scheduling women's leadership coach

We work with women one-on-one to first identify their development goals then focus on create action plans against those goals in each session.  Coaching takes place over six months which is what is truly required for real results and lasting change to be realized related to the leader’s development goals.  Learn more about our coaching approach.

We also work with groups or team’s of women leaders through group or team coaching.

Women’s leadership coaching topics

Common topics we work with women leaders on include:

women leaders at meeting
  • Influence, getting my voice heard
  • Negotiation and asking for resources or needs
  • Managing difficult relationships
  • Managing the performance of direct reports
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Transition to new leadership roles
  • Overwhelm and work life balance
  • Leading change
  • Improving the engagement of their team
  • Career advancement
  • Finding their true passion

Women’s leadership coaching packages

Our typical women’s leadership coaching package is a 6-month program where virtual coaching sessions are conducted bi-weekly for 45 minutes.  The package includes goal setting, between session reflection, and a progress review at the commencement of the program. 

We also offer customization to each women’s needs including shorter or longer sessions or duration of the program.  In addition, we offer self-assessments and 360s to help women determine their strengths and development areas.

Sometimes the leader or manager of the woman is involved in coaching.  We call that a sponsor.  Their role is to help the woman set development goals and to provide feedback on progress along the way.  If this is he case, we also include alignment or check in meetings with the women, their leader, and coach during the program.

Executive leadership coaching for women

Female executive

Executive leadership coaching for women is the ultimate competitive advantage for women in executive roles. Women in executive positions face imposter syndrome, lack of honest feedback, feelings of isolation, burnout, and mom guilt.  We help executive women leaders spend time according to their true priorities, gain clarity, improve their confidence, improve their communication, and improve their executive influence.

Learn more about executive coaching.

Coaching leadership success in women

A women’s leadership coach makes all the difference for women because, in our experience, women in particular benefit from the support and challenge coaching provides, helping women discover and leverage their unique strengths and advantages, while moving beyond their comfort zones developing new approaches and competencies.

What our customers say

Utilizing the approaches, techniques, and guidance that Anna gave me, I was able to transform teams from bottom tier to top tier employee engagement within a 2 year time span.  

Sarah Ferrell Souter, MPS Manager, Patient Progression

Anna provided insight into some of my most challenging issues that I needed to address as an effective leader and she then helped me to identify options that I had not thought of. I am happier and a better leader after spending time with Anna.

Mary Crandall, Ph.D., Director, Continuum Home Health Care and Home Infusion Therapy Services

Overall, working with Anna has been the single most beneficial decision I’ve made in my career. The clarity she helps create and the learnings made along the way result in many downstream successes beyond the length of the engagement 

Michael Chilmaid, Performance Improvement Coach, University of Virginia Health System

Leadership coaching has helped me navigate some really tricky staffing situations with confidence and clarity. Working with Anna has reduced stress and uncertainty by providing space for focused inspection and critical thinking.

Deb Green, Manager, HIT

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